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HDVideoShare - HD Video Share
User Rating: / 3

Contus HD Video Share extensions has component and several modules that can be installed any Joomla templates to feature your website as a complete Video Sharing website

=> Can be installed on any Joomla templates
=> Popular video module
=> Features video module
=> Related video module
=> Video category module
=> Video search module
=> User module
=> Flexible to control number of videos in modules
=> Flexible to control number of rows and columns in modules
=> Video format conversion and thumb creation (You should have FFMPEG)
=> Ratings
=> Comments to the videos
=> Google adsense / Adbrite ads compatible
=> Video title and description preview on mouse over
=> Capable of playing both HD and non HD videos
=> Text on the player (tool tips, button name) can be changed easily from the admin panel to any language
=> It support video ads from VAST compliance network eg.

For any assistance please send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

AllNews Module
User Rating: / 4

AllNews Module shows a list of (ordered/related/upcoming) articles with introtext, image, author, category, hits, rating, comments... It can be used with standard Joomla's content, but some options will only be available with FLEXIcontent.

This module was first created by Micker and Thierry S. The module automatically detects if FLEXIcontent has been installed on the site and shows you different parameters accordingly, so you can use it on "normal" Joomla sites too.

Do you use K2? Get the version compatible with K2 here:

* Show article's title, introtext, hits, rating (total or average), image, date, author(name or username), category, comments
* Limit to Category(/ies) or Section(s)
* Choose wheter to show only frontpage articles, all but those or both of them.
* It can be used as a "Related Articles" module, without losing any of its capabilities. (You can combine the options, so you can order the articles related to the one shown, limit them by category, section... or even show articles written in the last X days only!)
* Possibility of toggling and styling every part of the module for a custom output
* Ready to go, as the default options already give you a nice look that can be used on any site
* Possibility of adding a custom link at the bottom of the module, so that you can redirect your users to a custom category or link
* Different ordering methods: Creation Date, Last Modified, Hits, Rating, Alphabetically, Reverse Alphabetically, Custom Order, Random and "Upcoming Events", that displays articles based on the date they will be unpublished
* Possibility of limiting the output to the last X days (So that you can display last week's most visited articles, for example), or to skip the first X articles (to avoid showing an article that is already being shown by another module, or to pile more than one allnews module with different display options)
* Multi-Language backend (Italian, English and French supported at the moment). Every string of text on the frontend can be edited right from the module's backend, with no need of manually editing any file.
*JoomFish support (only if FLEXIcontent is installed). Language files supported on frontend.
* Possibility of shortening the title or the introtext if it's too long.

Read the full features list here:

sigplus Image Gallery Plus
User Rating: / 2
PoorBest Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way of adding pop-up image galleries to an article with a simple syntax.

The plug-in supports image types .jpg, .png and .gif with multiple galleries per content item, generates thumbnails with automatic centering and resampling, allows tagging images with multilingual captions and more verbose descriptions. It incorporates a slider to display a fixed number of images per page when there are many images in a gallery.

The plug-in has built-in support for the excellent Slimbox and prettyPhoto lightbox pop-up as well as the EasySlider and prettyGallery image slider engines, and features an architecture that is easily extended with additional lightbox and image slider engines.

sigplus Image Gallery Plus has all features included without requiring commercial upgrades or paid club membership. You can get it from here.

Mighty Membership was updated to version 2.5.3.

Since Mighty Membership is one of our first products its functionality is so mature and stable that we could hardly invent more features to implement. Nowadays we can say not without reason that choosing Mighty Membership you get the most powerful solution for subscription based website among existent.

Based on research we conveyed on the market we released a new version of Mighty Membership with few more features.
The main feature I want to mark out is a great ‘Auto Content Delivery’. This feature opens a new way to create subscription plans available in the future. Just imagine that now you can create subscription plans that could be prolonged in the future. Let’s see an example how you can use it. You have a personal weight reduction program which is intended for 6 months. And you want your users get a new step of program every month. You create one subscription with 6 children subscriptions which follow each other in one month. Every subscription will be activated after the previous ends. And all this process is going automatically. User pays just one time when purchase subscription plans and all children subscriptions are included. So now you do not need to create separate subscriptions for every step or lesson.

We also implemented few minor functions such as:

Invisible in history – this feature allows hiding subscription from user’s subscriptions history.

Alert User – this feature alerts user on purchase made.

Purchases limit – allows to limit the number of subscriptions for one plan. As this limit is exhausted the plan automatically becomes invisible for users.

Subscription plans page template – allows to set template for subscription plans page. Now there are two templates available. The old one with payment buttons at the bottom of the page. Second has payment buttons near each plan. Parameters of selecting template are in Menu item settings.

Shadowbox background – sets the color of pop-up box.
Thus summing up all said above we can declare that Mighty Membership is the most robust subscription component for Joomla 1.5 in its area.

Thus summing up all said above we can declare that Mighty Membership is the most robust subscription component for Joomla 1.5 in its area. To learn more and to buy the component you can on the official Mighty Extensions website.

Joomla Super Items listing

Get listing module of any kind of content likes: Articles, VirtueMart products, Evenlist, Jobline, Docman, ... Is it possible with a module? Yes, we put them all into Joomla Super Items Listing.

  • Add-on support: display any kind of items: Joomla articles, VirtueMart, Eventlist, Jobline, Docman, ... Each add-on is a PHP file, just upload via FTP to install it.
  • Tooltips effect: this option show up tooltips effect with item description.
  • Google adsense pagination style: this option show up nice pagination buttons.
  • This beautiful module is chicken soup for the SEO soul.

Click for more information.

Automatic articles with full text RSS

Maybe you are familiar with RSS feeds in standard format that includes heading, summarized text and link to website which contains article's full content. I want to present to you a new Joomla RSS extension that can get full content called "foobla full text RSS".

Install/ Update Joomla website automatically.

You have a website based Joomla and you have to regularly update extensions if not  your website can be attacked by hackers. Have you ever felt bored of updating extensions regularly? Have you ever thought about a Joomla automatic update system instead of updating by hand?

Joomla Microblogging(Ht Microblog)

Htmicroblog is still in the BETA stage of development.

Htmicroblog Feature List:

1. Fully Ajax based component.
2. Ajax based search.
3. User Following feature.
4. Twitter and Facebook sharing.

Mighty Extensions release more free reports for Joomla Core and Community Builder

Mighty Analytics is a great component to analyze your Joomla site data in Flash diagrams. The component is very flexible. The plugin system allows creating analytic reports for any possible component.
Now you can download free plugins to create analytic reports for Core Joomla Article Manager, Core Joomla User and Community Builder.

Lof Articles SlideShow module - display featured articles in the slide show
User Rating: / 3
PoorBest Articles SlideShow module is the most eye-catching way to display featured articles in the slide show. Lof Articles SlideShow usually put in the top of the main content. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the module displaying via simple parameters, you can do everything as you like and let your client see Your Site In a impression way.

Tienda - complete ecommerce shopping cart extension for Joomla

Tienda is a complete ecommerce shopping cart extension for Joomla from the crew that brought you JUGA, AMBRA SUBSCRIPTIONS, SYNK, AMIGOS, and BILLETS.

Tienda is not a fork or bridge; it is a brand new extension designed and written from scratch by Dioscouri Design. It is built on Joomla's MVC framework and can therefore be easily modified or themed using Joomla's templates.

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